Become a Suite Owner (Leasing Process)
The first step is, you contact us via email or phone. We then schedule a private, confidential appointment and tour of the property. During our time together, we share with you suite pricing, general information and provide you with an Application.

Once we receive the completed Application from you, we will respond back to you within three business days. If we both agree that this is a good fit for both parties, then we begin the process of leasing a suite. In order to lease a suite, you will be responsible for "Six Steps”:
Step 1 Sign a "Suite Rental" Agreement
Pricing & terms vary by location and current leasing specials
Step 2 Payment of One Time Processing Fee & Security Deposit
$250 (50 processing fee + 200 security deposit)
Step 3 Sign an ACH Agreement
Auto bank draft for all suite rents
Step 4 Sign an Application for State Board Shop License
Does not apply for non-beauty suite uses
Step 5 Sign an Insurance Agreement
Step 6 Get local Business Licenses

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